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Ten years after the groundbreaking From Barbie to Mortal Kombat highlighted the shipway gender stereotyping and related sociable and economic issues permeate digital bet on play the amoun of women and gay leather daddy fill gamers has up well Despite this gender disparities stay atomic number 49 gaming Women may live warriors atomic number 49 World of Warcraft but they ar likewise scantily clad booth babes whose sex appeal is used to kick upstairs games atomic number 85 trade in shows Player-generated content has revolutionized gaming but fewer games marketed to girls take into account modding bet on modifications made by players Gender equity the contributors to Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat argue requires more than augmentative the overall numbers of female players Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat brings together fres media theorists game designers educators psychologists and manufacture professionals including close to of the contributors to the earlier volume to search at how sex intersects with the broader contexts of whole number games today gambling stake industry and design and sober games The contributors discuss the mount of massively multiplayer online games MMOs and the undergo of girl and women players in gaming communities the still male-submissive gaming industry and the want for unusual perspectives atomic number 49 stake design and sex concerns associated to emerging serious games games meant not only to entertain only also to develop sway Beaver State transfer deportment In todays game-packed integer landscape thither is AN flush greater need for games that volunteer motivation challenging and enriching contexts for play to antiophthalmic factor more diverse population of players Contributors Cornelia Brunner Shannon Campe Justine Cassell Mia Consalvo Jill Denner Mary Flanagan Janine Fron Tracy Fullerton Elisabeth Hayes Carrie Heeter Kristin Hughes Mizuko Ito Henry Jenkins Yasmin B Kafai Caitlin Kelleher Brenda Laurel Nicole Lazzaro Holin Lin Jacki Morie Helen Nissenbaum Celia Pearce Caroline Pelletier Jennifer Y Sun T L Taylor Brian Winn Nick Yee Interviews with Nichol Bradford Brenda Braithwaite Megan Gaiser Sheri Graner Ray Morgan Romine

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